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We take pride in our farm. We want our operation to look as good as it feels.

In 2003 we began the transition to Organic production. A given farm must be treated organically, with no poisons or toxins for at least three years prior to being certified as Organic. We initially set aside a single 40-acre field as an organic test. We chose the best ground available and in 2006 harvested over 150 bushels of Organic field corn per acre.

Today, all of our nearly 1100 acres are fully certified Organic. Primary crops today are wheat, field corn, sweet corn, navy beans, soybeans and oats. These crops are sold to buyers around the nation and the world who are interested in high quality Organic grain. Andrews Farms strives to stay on the leading edge of organic farming; contact us if you have ideas for adding new crops to our lineup.


Beautiful fields of corn

Our farm land is flat and the soil is rich.

Big Tractor

A large operation requires large equipment.